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Land Grading And Earth Moving For Richmond Commercial Development

Category: Excavation

commercial land gradingThe elements of nature are constantly moving and changing the face of the earth. As rain falls, soil is washed away and taken somewhere else to settle. As water runs through the land, it forges new pathways, swells to higher levels, and carries rocks to new areas. Without proper land grading and the constant changing surface of the earth, it’s difficult to imagine that a building stays in place.

The fact is, some don’t. You see sinkholes, mudslides, earthquakes, foundations that crumble and crack, and entire structures falling to the ground. It may be rare, but it happens.

When the ground underneath a building isn’t stable, neither is the building. This is why it’s so important that proper grading is done prior to commercial construction. Grading creates the right surface which can stand strong in spite of all these earth-changing elements.

A proper foundation can then be built to support the commercial building. If the grading and foundation are done properly, the building should be stable with no future problems. Of course, Mother Nature always has something up her sleeve.

Commercial Grading is a huge process that takes heavy equipment. These machines move earth and place them where it needs to be so construction can begin. Grading may involve any number of tasks such as:

Mass Earthmoving & Fine Grading

The land must be moved into a configuration that supports the commercial development project. This is a massive move that takes heavy equipment to perform. It also requires a permit. Fine grading is the final preparation of the ground for construction. Grading creates a foundation that can be built upon.

Stormwater Management

A commercial construction project is dependent upon stormwater management. The changing environment has to be considered and dealt with prior to building. Erosion and rainwater runoff can destroy the foundation of the building. With a properly planned stormwater management system in place, the land will be protected from the natural elements. This plan is developed during the engineering phase.

Site Tree & Brush Clearing

Commercial construction projects often require some type of land clearing. The land clearing has to be done with specialized equipment. Trees and brush are generally cleared by your Richmond excavator with a commercial-grade brush hog mower and tree grinder. The tree grinder starts at the top and goes down. It can handle trees up to 10 inches in diameter. A tree shearer is used for trees up to 16 inches thick. It starts by cutting the tree at ground level. Other equipment is used to clear larger trees.

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